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Improve Your Income, Overcome Fears & Doubts
Live Your Life On Your Own Terms

Master your mindset- success comes from within. I am the bridge taking you from where you are to where you want to go

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For Professional Women


Mindset coaching for women to overcome fears

For professional women (38 to 55 years old) who achieved previous success, but now feel stuck or stagnating in their life, head, career or business:

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Have you ever come up with worst case scenarios like "I never won anything" and you rob yourself from trying?

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Do you feel like you are waiting on the sideline of your life, waiting for someone to give you direction or approval?

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Do you waste time worrying, not taking action, continuing giving power to your fears and doubts?

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Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and anxious that you just wished you were invisible?

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Did life happen to you, make you lose your momentum, and now you are uncertain how to re-ignite your fire?

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Do you feel you deserve a better life and feel you are worth to fight for, to get to the next level NOW?

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Do you feel like you know what you want, but can't bring yourself to take action to make it happen? 

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Do you feel like  you keep following the same patterns & fall in the trap of attracting the wrong events and people in your life? 

Many talented, smart, educated and driven women feel a loss of self-confidence and worth because of old mental scripts, patterns, behaviors, and emotions that no longer serve them.


As your mindset coach, I guide to finally take the leap and quit waiting for permission, to wake up and start living the life you deserve by uncovering your true potential, overcoming the mental blocks holding you back, and maximizing your success with a powerful mindset and trust in yourself.

I am ready to give you the tools to turn your life around


Mindset Coaching areas



Transformative mindset coaching:
Sick of waiting on the sidelines.    Level up in your career. 



Habit coaching:
Get unstuck. Break old habits. Find your  calling& 
passion.  Unleash your purpose

Money& Business mindset:     Level up your  business.

Start making 6 figures Now!

Empowerment Mindset Coaching
For executives,
gain more self-confidence& assertiveness


As a personal transformation & women success coach in LA. 
I help you make more money in your business, or advance in your career through:

change bad habits with mindsetshift

Stop taking action based on fear, & doubts, stop self-sabotage assuming the worst of yourself.

 You will learn how to act with confidence, act based on power.  

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Gain clarity to achieve your goals

Unless your clarity is laser focused on where you want to go, you will not achieve your goals no matter how hard you try

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Increase self-reflectioN& self-awareness

You have all the answers you need within you. I guide you to explore your self-reflection& increase self-awareness to become the better version of you.

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reframe negative to positive thinking

It is not easy to recognize a negative mindset, let alone change it. Reframing it to a positive mindset will help you to make positive decisions in your life.

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Talking on the Phone

People just like you have seen their life change into a lot better version of them with
a mindset coach on their corner

Personal development- self discovery session

Schedule your complimentary
self discovery session

Personal development- self growth- self discovery session

Read what our Customers have to say!


Thank you for a wonderful course! My testimonial: I had the pleasure to be a student of Sahar Andrade. As a practitioner that is creating a acupuncture niche business, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and motivator. I now have the tools to take my idea and make it an actual business. I loved the class so much, I wish it was longer! I miss my evenings with Sahar and her positive, inspiring spirit. Every future student is guaranteed an insightful and educational course.

Krystal C

“I wanted to share with you how grateful I am to have been a part of the Training Program.


This was a tremendous learning experience for me, and dare I speak for the entire group. Sahar challenged us to develop ideas, discover passion and purpose, to be more than superficial.”

Esprit J.

Sahar is a thorough expert in the field of teaching and presenting.

Her approach to learning is organized and logical and therefore as a student, I understood the concepts. We have worked together several times and each time I continue to learn and understand the subject matter; I have confidence to incorporate and apply all her teachings into my business outreach. Her integrity, humor and consistency all creates a positive atmosphere for learning

Mary F

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