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How to get our of your Comfort Zone?

The opposite of “comfort” is not “discomfort” it is SUCCESS. No I am not crazy, just read this to the end and you will get what I mean. Comfort is the place where we most have the least level of stress, we know all its parameters, the good and the bad, it is where we can achieve small, steady and predictable progress as investing in safe stocks that has little chance of creating a permanent loss for investors in the long run, knowing that your financial gain is secured, steady but small - versus - taking a calculated risk and investing in variable stocks that can either mean us losing everything or gaining more than we ever imagined possible (The emphasis here is on calculated risk) Definiti

Using the Power of "I AM"- Part Two

In the first part of this post "Using the Power of "I AM" - Part One" I challenged you to try it for one single day and prove me wrong (I know you will love it) As I shared in Part One- We become what we attach to "I AM" What follows the words “I AM” serve as the Thermostat of our lives in regards to what we are thinking and believing deep inside that manifest itself in our experiences in the external world i.e. OUR life. I can already hear some of you saying Nah- if it was that easy everyone would have done it, do you want us to believe that hocus pocus stuff? To those I say what are you scared of? Prove me wrong try it BUT try it the right way what have you got to lose but everything to ga

Using the Power of "I AM"

The “I AM”s coming out of your mouth will bring either success or failure, you get to decide what comes after “I AM”. You become what comes

7 Ways to cure Procrastination

Every small business starts with a dream. But, it takes more than ideas to achieve our goals. As entrepreneurs we need knowledge and resources to help our dream come to fruition. Startups are not for the faint of heart, important to know that 90% of the start-up fail The stories about brands exploding on Social Media or otherwise are inspiring but few and far between. And the “overnight” success stories usually have a long periods of hard work and preparation People get to be entrepreneurs for many reasons, and they are ALL valid. Each entrepreneur has their own story Entrepreneurs start their business never thinking about failing, they work hard, put their efforts, time, passion and money i

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