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  • Have you ever felt like you want to become a better version of "YOU", but do not know what to do next?

  • Do you feel like you are wasting your life doing ONLY what others expect from you?

  • Are you still looking for meaning and fulfillment in your life

  • Do you feel stuck unable to move forward?

  • Do you realize that whatever got you to this point in your life is unable to take you to the next level?

You feel stagnating, frustrated, not achieving your potential and you feel that life sucks. You  are not enjoying your life feeling unfulfilled and unhappy.

Don't be held back, you are destined for more.

Take control of your life,  overcome your fears and doubts, get yourself on the path of success  faster with a caring Coach along your journey

Key Benefits of Coaching

Clarity Vision& purpose

Get clear on your goals& purpose focusing on your vision to bring the change you need for your journey to greatness

Assertiveness& Self-Acceptance

Learn new tools to stand up for yourself, gain confidence and stop being a "YES" person; accepting yourself inside out

Change your negative thoughts to positive

Use your energy and thoughts in a positive way to improve your mindset and achieve your goals.

Overcome your fears& limiting beliefs

Reframe your mind scripts that hold your fears, doubts and self-limiting beliefs to work for you not against you

People just like you have seen their life change into a lot better version  of them with a life coach on their corner

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Assess if we are a good fit

We work ONLY with people that are committed to their success, that do not find excuses for themselves.

Change is not easy, so a good fit is crucial to your success

Start your success Journey

Coaching  will empower you to focus on your goals, and will keep you accountable to reach your potential. Individual & group coaching as well as online courses available.

No matter where you are in your life; Coaching  takes you to the next level faster and easier giving you that extra boost to help you become a better version of "YOU"

You are your best asset, investing in yourself brings the  best ROI.

How much money will you lose if you stay stand still, being stuck where you are now?

Our coaching and online programs are based on the most recent scientific research. We deal with the root of the issues and not just deal the symptoms that keep coming back

How is that working for you? You have been trying to find what you need online all your life? Where did it get you?

Free information can only get you so far

As a personal transformation success coach; I help professional people that feel stagnated or unable to face their fears moving forward to:

  • Master their mindsets

  • Change their habits and patterns

  • Work on the roots of the issues to change them forever




  • They can thrive

  • Fulfill their dreams and find their passion

  • Become a better version of themselves

Overcoming being invisible

Overcoming being invisible

ReInvent Yourself, Take Control, No Excuses, stop limiting beliefs



"Reinventing Yourself" is about your personal transformation in finding your TRUE North or in simple terms finding your true authentic self to live the fulfilled happy life you deserve.  It is about Reverse engineering your fears and challenges. 


My easy simple methodology is based on scientific research, personal experience, and many case studies.

Reinventing Yourself Journey

Entrepreneurship Coaching

Reinventing Entrepreneurship


Our Entrepreneurial training programs received Congressional recognition.

There is a reason (There are reasons) why more than 80% of Small Businesses FAIL.

Entrepreneurs get into their own heads and start planning their business based on who they are, what they like, what they think is important.



No matter where you're stuck in life, I'll help "unstuck" you and guide you to reinvent yourself to greatness. I walk the walk...


I have been stuck and went through every step I describe one by one to achieve my own greatness. Let's discover together what success looks like for you!



Reinvent Yourself to Greatness With Sahar Podcast




Proud to be a "TED TALK" and a "SUE Talk" speaker. I've spent years inspiring people to get out of their comfort zones and reinvent their lives! After a successful career in corporate America, I have since become the go-to speaker on personal change for corporations and associations that want their clients and employees to expand their confidence, improve their collaboration, and achieve more results by reinventing what the future can look like for them.

To hire Sahar email:

Sahar Andrade- Reinvent Yourself With Sahar



I offer a variety of programs so you can choose the best option to reinvent yourself:


  • Online Modules...go at your own pace!

  • Group Coaching

  • One-on-One Coaching

  • PLUS join my exclusive, private Facebook group when you work with me! 


By invitation only, groups have limited space. Please email me at:  or call (818) 861-9434 to inquire. 


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Reinvent Yourself- Stop Limiting beliefs- stop making excuses- Take control of your life

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