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What is your Purpose & Passion?

3 Clues For Finding Your Purpose & Passion

Many confuse passion and purpose, they are not one and the same; you find your purpose and you follow your passion.

Purpose is the beginning of a self-discovery journey, it acts as an anchor for passion. The purpose is like the engine of a car, and the passion is the ignition key. The engine will not fire up without the ignition; and the ignition will have nothing to start up without the engine. Heart is the focal point of purpose not the mind nor the ego.

  • Purpose: Is the “WHY” you exist

  • Passion: is the “WHAT” are the compelling feelings behind your dreams

They have to co-exist, purpose is the foundation of achieving your dreams, and passion is what ignites it.

  • Purpose

Purpose is living your life from the inside out, it might have nothing to do with what you do for work. It is not about how you fit in the society to please anyone, it is not waiting approval from others - that is not your purpose in life. It is about being honest with yourself and be authentic. It is the force that compels you to move forward based on your own values.

Your purpose is your inner-calling that starts with an intuition, it is that little voice that speaks to you, that many times you try to muffle due to fear or due to self-doubts.

Most of the time many start on an education path, or start a career based on what others told them they should do or pursue.

Growing up my parents (with the best intentions in their hearts) made me feel that the best I can achieve in life is to be a Medical Doctor so everything I did in my life since childhood was directing me towards that goal, only to feel totally disoriented and miserable after I got my degree. Just to find out that Medicine was not my inner calling, it was not what made me happy but it made my parents happy and proud.

Take a good deep look at your life right now:

  • Are you where you want to be?

  • Do you feel satisfied?

  • Do you feel fulfilled?

  • Are you achieving your dreams even small steps at a time?

You need to be honest with yourself, it is your life, your happiness and your fulfillment. It is not easy and it might not happen overnight (some recognize their purpose early on in life), it is not all joy and fun it is actually scary and difficult at times, that is why most people live their whole lives without ever knowing their true purpose. Sad but true.

If any of your answers is "no", then you need to start actively look for yourpurpose

To uncover your purpose, you need to start getting comfortable in uncomfortable settings, in different ways of thinking, in trusting your intuition and to learn how to listen to your heart getting out of your comfort zone. At times you will not get any answers and it is perfectly all right. It could a struggle at times and it could be ambiguous- as they say “No risk No gain”.

The first step to start finding your purpose in life is to look at these 3 following cues:

  1. What is the legacy you want to be remembered by?

  2. Are you there yet? How close or far are you?

  3. What is your next step to take to get you closer to your purpose?

This is part of my new product due to be released before the end of the year:Reinvent Yourself to Greatness- Detox your mind and Declutter your life

Next Post - Part 2- we will discuss “What is Passion?”

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