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How to set your goals using a mindshift?

Mind Shift for Goal Setting

The first quarter of teh year os about to end. The question is how far are you in your New Year’s goals and resolutions? Did you achieve any goals yet? Are you back to your old ways making all the excuses why you couldn;t follow your goals? You do not hav etime or resources?

Are you feeling less enthusiasm to achieving your goals than when we started?

Do you have a list of goals that you want to achieve, your goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Risk taking and time relevant), and precise.

Soon enough June will pass by as it happens every year and you still didn’t achieve most of the list, and we put it up till next year’s resolution

Sounds familiar? You are not alone

The biggest percentage of people will NOT achieve their SMART goals no matter how much good intentions they have, no matter how motivated they start ever year, no matter how bad they want it to work.

We all live in a word full of distractions that are calling for our attention every second; so we become reactive creatures rather than pro-active. We deal with the aftermath and not with the root of the issues we deal, just with the symptoms so they keep coming back; like taking Advil for a headache, so it goes away for a while then comes back even worst. Why? Because we never checked what caused the headache in the first place was it blood pressure, vision, toothache, stress or even a tumor?

We just react and our reactions end up shaping who we are; our reactions can get us close or away from our goals depending on how we look at things

No matter how well prepared we think we are, life will always throw us some curve balls which some might be very hard to handle. We need to realize that we have NO control over them. The sooner we realize that the better as they will happen.

At the same time we need to realize that we have a 100% control on how we react to these circumstances. We control our long term response, how we treat ourselves and others as well what we do to move forward

We are the master of our universe, we have choices we can go down with every blow we get throughout our life as there is no escape from turmoil, sadness, health scares, or even death of loved ones; we can’t deny that they will happen we can’t burry our heads in the sands.

But, we also can’t just let the sails drift to where the wind takes us and become victims, we have control on how we steer the ropes that connect those sails

Setting goals the right precise way will not shield us from the difficulties that might face us, I am not saying that life is doom and gloom but life wasn’t meant to be all rosy; the more we are prepared for this the better equipped we are at achieving our goals no matter what happens being proactive and not just reactive and while we can’t predict what might happen but having the mind to overcome obstacles and barriers learning from them and moving forward is being proactive

Being proactive is having a mindset of confronting anything that comes our way, yes there will be some down time, yes there will be some anxiety and depression we are humans after all, but the name of the game is to know how to get up, dust ourselves up and start the next step no matter how small it is, just taking that first step

That mindset requires a mind shift and this is the most difficult issue we night face as a psychological barrier – not shifting your mindset is the biggest reason why you will not achieve your goals

The mind shift is the knowledge that you will face struggle in life, and that you chose to face that struggle and be willing to go through pain sometimes to get to the other side where you will be a Victor and not a Victim

The answer of why people do not achieve their goals and why I know that many people will not achieve their New Year’s resolution is that they are unwilling to fight some battles to get to their destination, they want the easy way out, short cuts and it doesn’t work that way. We all have to pay our dues and have the mind set to be OK with paying them there is no escaping from this

Complaining and whining about the difficulties of life puts you in a reactive mode to falter under the weight of life circumstances, so let me ask you this when was the last time this mind set helped you to advance, grow or even be happy?

When we are proactive we are ready to face the world and welcome challenges that will take us to the next level for example if you are planning to work out know that there will be rain, that your body will ache, that your knees will hurt, one morning you won’t find your keys or your favorite workout shorts, your children will get the flu. Putting all that in consideration you are better prepared to achieve your goals, you can prepare your workout cloth or gym back the night before, have your keys in the same place every night, know that body aches will go away eventually and when you push through that you are at a higher level in achieving your goals; that is how athletes do it, they hurt too but they are prepared to face the music and push the envelope to the next level

Be careful of the little voices in your head and what are they telling you: Just give up it is OK you still have time? Or they tell you yes I am hurting but I am closer to my goals to being happy and fulfilled?

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.” Mahatma Gandhi

You have a CHOICE get stuck and stagnate in your mind set of having no control or have a mindset to face challenges and move forward. How you interpret obstacles in your life is your critical key to achieve or not achieve your goals

Are you going to give up when you face the first challenge that life throws at you and live ever after a victim or you will go through the challenges as a victor

Welcome life with the good and bad, be grateful, savor the good moments and take inventory they will help you in your dry spells. Have the will to face challenges, change your mindset to being proactive this will maximize your chances to achieve your goals

Share with me the goals you achieved and how- Please share your thoughts

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