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Reinventing the Generational Gap

Last week, I had the pleasure to present a session for "University of Phoenix - Nursing School" about Reinventing & Bridging the generational gap

For the first time in US History, we are having five (5) generations in the workplace. Each generation with its own culture looks at the other generation as not being credible. Miscomunications, conflicts, lack of team cooperation, high absenteeism rate, high turn over results from that.

A major challenge exsiting today in the workplace, is when younger managers (GEN X or GEN Y_ manage older employees that are Baby Boomers or Traditionalists.

Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, I have included in this presentation how to REINVENT the generational gap as challenges and turn obstacles to opportunities

Click on the picture to browse the powerpoint presentation

Let me know your thoughts

Reinventing & bridging the Generational Gap

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