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5 Reasons why you will not keep your 2017 Resolutions!

New Years Resolutions #GoalSetting #Change

New Year's Resolutions, Personal Change & Achieving Goals

Well it is that time of the year again. Did you make new resolutions for 2017? Did you make them last year too? Did you actually fulfill your resolutions or like the 92% of the population you started the year very strong trying to achieve your goals just to cool it down after a month or two

You started the year going 4 times a week to the Gym, in few weeks it dropped to 3 then 2 then 1 then nothing.

You are not the only one, I believe the biggest mistake people make are setting New Year’s resolutions, as if it is a magical wand that will change their lives, behaviors, beliefs on habits in actually few hours, like flipping a switch or a reset button on a laptop

While I appreciate the optimism, it doesn’t work that way, I believe the biggest mistake people make setting resolution is the self-deception they set themselves into and the lack of realization of the price they need to pay for change, and ignoring or not willing to go through the pain.

No one said that it was meant to be easy, one thing I learned a long time ago that really helped me as an entrepreneur is that there “NO short cuts”.

  • You want to lose weight you need to give up the calories and carbs and you will need to work out and sweat.

  • If you need a better relationship you might need to end the one you are in, where you are comfortable but unsatisfied, or maybe you need to find more things about yourself and actually go through the self-actualization that you need to change and that change comes at a price,

  • Or maybe you want to start that business that you have been wishing for the last 5 years but you are just comfortable with the idea of the paycheck and you do not want to lose anything,

  • Or maybe you want to make more money but you are too scared to ask for that raise or promotion because you do not want to rock the boat or too scared to look for another job

You need to know that to get what you want you need to accept that you will have to take action that you might not be comfortable with, or do things that your subconscious might not even want to do or scared to entertain.

To make a change in your life or achieve an important goal in your life you will need to get to the bottom not only of “WHY” you want to change or achieve, but also what is at the bottom of why you are not achieving it or what is keeping you from achieving it?

5 Reasons why your New Year's Resolutions will not stick

The first step is to think deeply what happens when you are either about to start the change or do it for a while then start slacking

  1. Do you just stop and find all the excuses on why you can’t do it as: Not having time, or money or resources or knowledge?

  2. Do you delay it for tomorrow or next week?

  3. Do you feel fear of losing what you have, or scared of the results that might or might not happen, or scared of the process itself?

  4. Do you feel overwhelmed or stressed not knowing how to do it or where to start?

  5. Do you trust yourself enough to do the change? Or you feel you might fail so it gets you stuck in your status quo?

No matter what the reason is at the root of any of them is actual fear masquerading in many forms or shapes either procrastination, perfection, or wanting to keep the status quo because it is what you know with the good, bad and ugly.

The change will not come overnight, you get what you pay for. Change will happen if you want it bad enough, if it is part of your passion, if it is really how you see yourself in the future, if you are fed up with where you are today, if you really can’t take it where you are anymore.

It really depends on you to decide what is a greater pain, the pain for change or the pain you are in day in and day out tolerating it for the sake of not getting out of your comfort zone

When you will feel that the price that you are paying for your inaction is greater than the price you will pay for your action; then you will start thinking about change, about achieving your goals or even about having resolutions.

Though just being aware that you need to change, is not enough and will not sustain your long term change. Change requires first and foremost your awareness, self-discipline, self-confidence and most of all self-love and empathy.

At the end it is a choice, your choice to move forward and get step by step to become who you know is your better self, or stagnate where you are and keep complaining about your life and New Year’s after New Year’s will be the same resolutions and same results

It depends on you, the pain of an hour is better than the pain of all hours. You deserve a better life.

A Better Approach to Change:

Take it one little step at a time

  • Decide on one thing that you want to change or achieve

  • Write it down ( I am a huge believer in writing things down to make them a reality to your brain)

  • Write down if you ever tried to do it before

  • If yes, what happened, why you didn’t do it?

  • Or what stopped you from doing it?

  • What will happen if you do not do it?

  • What will happen if you do it?

  • Divide it into little steps to take, you don’t have to go all out from the get go

  • Describe in vivid details using your five senses how it will feel to do the change or achieve a goal

  • Visualize the result

  • Start executing and do not stagnate in the Dream phase of your change

Just one, you owe it to yourself. What would it be?

Happy New Year, I wish you the best and wish you would accomplish what you set your mind to do

If you are doing anything different that is working, please share it in the comments so we can all get better at keeping achieving our goals

Happy New Year 2017

Sahar Andrade, MB.BCh

Diversity, Inclusion, and Personal Leadership Consultant- Coach

Reinvent Yourself To Greatness (Product of Sahar Consulting, LLC)


I help women& men stuck in their lives, unemployed individuals, individuals in a job they hate, or in transition, struggling with figuring out what to do next, spinning their wheels in the same place; to show them how regain control of their lives, conquer their fears by moving out of their comfort zones that results in a journey of discovery to define their purpose & passion and become the person that achieves both happiness and success in their lives.

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