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Using the Power of "I AM"

Using the Power of I AM

Have you ever told yourself?

  • “I AM not lucky so why buy a lottery ticket” or

  • “OH God how clumsy I am” or

  • Looked in the mirror and told yourself “I AM getting old?”

  • Do you ever compare yourself to others looking at their Facebook pictures or reading their news and all of a sudden an “I AM not…” gets out of your mouth?

When this happens what we are doing is giving away our power through the “I AM” and “I AM not” without realizing how it affects us not only now but in our future as well

Make no mistake whatever happened in your life till this minute didn’t happen coincidentally or haphazardly.

Every single incident, relationship, happiness, heart break, disappointment, hurt happened for a reason to make us what we became today. We are who we are for a purpose and our purpose in life is to find out our purpose to be here. Complicated? The chicken or the egg?

But who you are today is A CHOICE, is a choice of how you see yourself, how to deal with yourself, and how you talk to yourself, how you feel about yourself consciously on the surface or unconsciously internally deeply buried within you

We are all born pre-conditioned to be a certain way, we carry family genes from 4 or 5 generations ago so if our great grandmother had self-doubts or fear issues we get some of that and we have to deal with them without even knowing why we have them by no fault of our own.

A limited mindset of multiple “I AM NOT” become forming throughout our lives. As a child if a parent or a teacher make us feel like a “B Student” or “Second best student”, this is how we start defining ourselves “I AM NOT smart” or “I AM NOT an A student” or “I AM NOT talented”

We start criticizing, blaming ourselves, doubting ourselves more, to the point where even hating ourselves for being weak. We perceive ourselves as “I AM not worthy”; “I AM not good enough”, “I AM not lovable”, “I AM not lucky”, “I AM not beautiful” “I AM not capable of” “I AM not attractive” and the list goes on, unfortunately we become what we think we are, then wonder why we are not achieving what we see other people with less skills and talent achieve, most importantly we do not get to see our dreams come true

These concepts keep getting repeated unconsciously throughout our development years and become our core beliefs of ourselves. It is very easy, actually our default is to let that ugly seed get nurtured inside of us, like a cancer cell that multiplies at a crazy rate in the dark without us even knowing, we lose our own sense of value and we accept a mediocre life as our destiny.

The more we feel that way the more we retract into our own shell like a turtle, and hide within ourselves, we try to become invisible. What is the use of being visible right? So people can see how I AM stupid, or how I AM ignorant, or how I AM missing so many things?

What somebody said about you is not your destiny and most importantly you are not your past.

If we give FEAR free reign in our life, we become “I AM fearful” we set the self-prophecy of failing when we allow negative feelings as envy, anger, jealousy, fear, unkindness or even gossiping to take control of our lives, we are destroying ourselves physiologically affecting our bodies making them more susceptible to pain.

Unfortunately some women live and die that way, I could have been one of them, till one day I decided to discover what is on the other side of the door, I dared to peak, I dared to challenge my own definition of “I AM” that has been planted within me since I was a child; NO since I was an embryo – there was that little voice that kept telling me you are so much better than that but as soon as I would hear IT; I would silence it immediately for fear of ridicule or embarrassment.

Till that day where I decided to change my internal conversation with myself, I didn’t know how, it wasn’t easy, it didn’t happen overnight IT invoked all the hidden self-limiting beliefs, doubts and fears, it was like calling all the bad spirits at the same time (Being dramatic here)

Beside many other tools to change my life the most powerful was the “I AM” tool.

The “I AM”s coming out of your mouth will bring either success or failure and the GREAT news is that you get to decide what comes after “I AM”. You invite whatever you CHOOSE to follow “I AM

I AM” is our center so we experience what we believe to be the truth and what is attached to it. “I AM” is our utmost consciousness and highest self-awareness

I AM” IS the center of our existence is what either gives us power or takes power away from us – our choice. It is our authentic, genuine self. There is only one (1) true genuine “I AM” for each one of us as everyone else is taken.

The power of “I AM” is greatly empowering, it connects with our awareness on a deep level to assist us to create the kind of life we want to live and deserve, miracles do happen in real life, miracles happen ONLY when we step out of our comfort zone

I personally do not believe that there are lucky people and unlucky people, it is all about choices that we make on either expanding or limiting the quality of life we chose through our self-awareness and who we are at the core.

Becoming "consciously aware" of The Power Of “I AM” and the important role it plays in our life will and can change our whole perspective on how we perceive our lives

No two (2) people are the same “I AM” is like finger prints even identical twins have different finger prints. So whatever you attach or have after “I AM” with total conviction is who you become, who you are and what you have.

We decide our own destiny and our own fate “kismet” so if we think about our self “Nothing amazing about me. Nothing stand out about me, I’m just ordinary” this is who we become.

But the fact is there is nothing ordinary about us. It all starts with a mind shift, changing our internal dialogue from negative to positive, redefining our own perceptions of ourselves and our self-awareness of who we are by choosing the right wording that we want our consciousness to begin aligning with our unconsciousness. When we change our words we change our worlds, there is something called the POWER OF WORDS it is the start or the first step to access help from our higher self and start fulfilling our dreams

Whatever we decide to put after these two strong words, and three letters expression might be the MOST POWERFUL base of our lives, it becomes us after a while as our internal consciousness tries to align with our external one to fulfill the prophecy of what it hears from us so if we decide to say “I AM broke” we will be aligned with scarcity and no money, if we say “I AM not relationship material” guess what will happen we will attract the people that do not want a relationship and will leave us just broken VERSUS if we say “I AM lovable” “I AM worthy” then we start after a while, most importantly after committing ourselves to believing this to attract people that love us and will genuinely appreciate who we are, the minute I started opening up I met the love of my life 18 years ago in two weeks.

We are who we think we are, actually who we perceive we are. Our perception is built within us since our early childhood, how we were raised, who were our parents, how we were treated when we were children, our culture, how our teachers believed in us or not etc. as discussed before.

We grow up and our fundamental beliefs of ourselves unconsciously guide our lives and we become not necessarily what we are destined to be but who we think we can be. Limiting beliefs, fears, and self-sabotage behaviors doesn't only keep us complacent but actually hold us back

What follows the words “I AM” serve as the Thermostat of our lives


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