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8 Obstacles preventing you from Maximizing your Personal Producticity

Maximizing Personal Productivity

Personal Productivity is our main tool to success, happiness, self satisfaction and fulfillment. Many attribute Personal Productivity as Goal Setting and Resolutions, To Do lists, and Time Management, and though part of it is that it is only a fraction of what it is.

Let me start with a definition for "Personal Productivity". It is is completing the actions that move you closer to accomplishing your goals in a manner that brings balance and ease into your life. Personal productivity are actions that gets you closer to your dreams bringing balance into your higher self.

As everything else, and what I deeply believe in, we need to dig into the roots of "WHY" we are not productive, this post is about the obstacles that stand between us and Maximizing our Personal Productivity

Here are the Eight (8) Obstacles: ·

  1. The Butterfly Effect: A butterfly flaps its wings in Beijing will cause a storm in Kansas (Thank you Eben Pagan). Little things flap in your mind trigger big effects. Thoughts trigger others, ½ hour to 1 hour passes, and productivity is gone- Others call this "Monkey Brain" it is basically the chaos you have in your brain that prevents you from producing

  2. · Past: You let the past dictate who you are today through the negative emotions, failures, hurt, and bitterness. Solution: Accept the past, don’t deny it, reconcile with it, and know deep inside it doesn’t define you unless you chose to. “What you resist persist”. It is a choice. You are not unique, let go of your EGO.

  3. Self-Talk: It is a Double edge sword depending how you use it. How you use it defines who you want to be NOW. Accepting and agreeing are not the same. Solution: Appreciative Inquiry, do not start with negatives, Start with what you want not what you do not want

  4. ·Not vocalizing your desires: Vocalize it to manifest it. Perceptions of what is (good or bad) and your own identity shape how you see yourself & the world. Your perceptions are your realities

  5. · Lost in everyday routine: TO Do lists and planners do not work anymore, you forget to stop and look at them. Lack of organization& Discipline are factors for low productivity.

  6. · Procrastination: Avoidance of the reality of consequences. Putting off what needs to be done, feeling unmotivated or unable to proceed. Can affect your reputation. This adds stress and takes away options for productivity.

  7. · Perfectionism: The twin evil sister of Procrastination. Can cause you to sabotage your productivity by exhibiting tunnel vision, can do harm, & gets in the way of success, a rigid set of rules. There is NO “perfection”. You need to release something to perfect it. Can damage self-esteem, it is a set of self-defeating thought patterns that push you to try to achieve unrealistically high goals, rooted in fear. It causes loss of productivity. Thrive for excellence instead

  8. · Saying YES to everything: You fail to protect your productivity by over committing yourself; you say “YES” to everyone to be a people pleaser, but you do not say “YES” to your own purpose and lose yourself. Start saying “NO” without being worried that others will reject you. Set boundaries in your life. Be assertive you can justify why you say “NO” without guilt.

Get into the habit of protecting your own time, do it consistently for 30 days, till it becomes an automatic response to create an environment that unlocks your creativity and potential.

Do you have any other obstacles you personally went through to add to this list? Please share it in the comments

Listen to my #Podcast episode about "Maximizing Personal Productivity"

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