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Become the Best VERSION OF YOU

personal transformation coach- personal development-Sahar Andrade

Build your future and business, make the money you want, and achieve success  

personal transformation coach -sahar andarde

Take control of your life,  overcome your fears and doubts, get yourself on the path of success  faster, start/ grow your business or make a lot more money, with a caring Coach along your journey.

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Have you ever felt like you want to become a better version of "YOU", but do not know what to do next?

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Do you feel like you are wasting your life doing ONLY what others expect from you?

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Are you still looking for meaning and fulfillment in your life. Do you feel stuck unable to move forward?

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Are you aware of all the hidden talents you possess and can use to help this world?

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How can you adjust the way you've "always done things," not just to survive this chaotic year, but to BUILD a better future?

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Do you realize that whatever got you to this point in your life is unable to take you to the next level?

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If you leave your personal growth to chance, not planning is planning to fail. You will always feel behind, stagnant, less confident, and less worthy.

If you just “hope” that you will change or that the environment around you will change, you will be wasting your whole life waiting for nothing.

Hoping and dreaming; will not get you the more money, the business you want to start or expand, the job that you always wanted, the relationship you dream off, it will keep you stuck.

You need to start taking action, looking within and start doing what you need to succeed at the next level.

This is where I can help you through Personal Development coaching, you do not have to do it alone.

Take that decision today, that you are worth it, you are worth the investment.


By working through my coaching process, you can overcome the hurdles and behaviors holding you back and discover the potential you have to make a real impact on yourself and your life.


It is thought that "entrepreneurs" are only those who start new businesses. But “entrepreneurs” apply as well to someone within an organization innovating and driving new value that help their organization thrive – they are "internal entrepreneur".


In summary, it is about having "entrepreneurial spirit." No matter what you do.

It is more important, now than ever because of the uncertainty we are all going through including the customers, things are changing very fast, we are all out of our comfort zone, and everyone is realizing that the way we "always done things," will not work, and we do not need only to survive but thrive and build a better future.

A lot of people have ideas. A lot of people start companies. But it takes a high-performing person to GET STUFF DONE.

There is a reason why more than 80% of businesses fail in the first three years.

Are you performing at your absolute best on a consistent basis? 

I have been voted "One of the 20 most successful businesswomen to watch in 2020". I will help build or expand your business in a successful and sustainable way. 



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Key Benefits of Coaching

If life was eternal you would have had time to learn everything on your own! But it is not; to grow fast with right tools and resources- You need a coach

Get clear on your goals& 
purpose focusing on your 
vision to bring the change you need for your journey 
to greatness.

Will it work for me?

No matter where you are in your life; Coaching  takes you to the next level faster and easier giving you that extra boost to help you become a better version of "YOU"

It is expensive

You are your best asset, investing in yourself brings the  best ROI.How much money will you lose if you stay stand still, being stuck where you are now?

Didn't work before

Our coaching and online programs are based on the most recent scientific research. We deal with the root of the issues and not just deal the symptoms that keep coming back.

How is that working for you? You have been trying to find what you need online all your life? Where did it get you? Free information can only get you so far.

All information is  online.

personal development - self Growth- Personal leadership coaching
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People just like you have seen their life change into a lot better version of them with
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Personal development- self discovery session

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Personal development- self growth- self discovery session

We work ONLY with people that are committed to their success, that do not find excuses for themselves.
Change is not easy, so a good fit is crucial to your success.

success mindset - success journey - self discovery session

Coaching  will empower you to focus on your goals, and will keep you accountable to reach your potential. Individual & group coaching as well as online courses available.

Read what our Customers
have to say!


Thank you for a wonderful course! My testimonial: I had the pleasure to be a student of Sahar Andrade. As a practitioner that is creating a acupuncture niche business, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and motivator. I now have the tools to take my idea and make it an actual business. I loved the class so much, I wish it was longer! I miss my evenings with Sahar and her positive, inspiring spirit. Every future student is guaranteed an insightful and educational course.

Krystal Cruz

“I wanted to share with you how grateful I am to have been a part of the Training Program. This was a tremendous learning experience for me, and dare I speak for the entire group. Sahar challenged us to develop ideas, discover passion and purpose, to be more than superficial.”

Esprit J.

Sahar is a thorough expert in the field of teaching and presenting. Her approach to learning is organized and logical and therefore as a student, I understood the concepts. We have worked together several times and each time I continue to learn and understand the subject matter; I have confidence to incorporate and apply all her teachings into my business outreach. Her integrity, humor and consistency all creates a positive atmosphere for learning

Mary Fitz

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

coaching for entrepreneurs

Do you keep postponing starting or expanding your business, thinking that there is only ONE idea that works, or that the market is already saturated, or even that you are like every other business in your industry? And, you keep tripping yourself?

You are not alone, you are in the right place. I have helped over 2,500 business owners in the last nine years and our Entrepreneurial training programs received Congressional recognition.

And I was voted one of the 20 successful business women in 2020

So buckle up, you are in for a ride!


What's On Our Mind? Read more!

Reinventing Yourself- 
Personal Success Transformation

Ask about our rates!

"Reinventing Yourself" is about your personal 
transformation in finding your TRUE North or in 
simple terms finding your true authentic self to live 
the fulfilled happy life you deserve.  It is about Reverse engineering your fears and challenges. 

Whatever you bring to the world, someone else needs it- your experience is unique, and you need to honor it – what you bring to others and to the world will be unique as well.

But first, you need to discover, get acquainted, and embrace who you are at the core, not your identity role or job. Only then you can share your unique story, power, and light

This is what I help you do through my easy simple methodology is based on scientific research, education, personal experience, and case studies.

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