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Your Personal Success Transformation

Reinventing Yourself to Greatness

Not just another coaching program.  It is a sustainable LIFE STYLE transformation program

  • Do you hope and dream every day of making more money, get a better relationship, a better job; but that day never seem to come?

  • Are you always too busy to take the time to go through some self-development and get to know yourself and your skills better?

  • Not sure if you have a story or if it would impact anyone else? Are you ready to step into your own story?

  • Do you know how you want your ideal life to be in the next 12/24/36 months?

We all had a chaotic year and suffered micro-losses and things are constantly changing and uncertain.


Some people fear change, they get overwhelmed and anxious; some welcome it as only through change you can grow and achieve your dreams.




But manifesting and dreaming alone will not get you your goals, the way you have "always done things," will no longer serve you, meanwhile you need not only to survive this chaotic year, but to BUILD a better future.


The best part is that it is doable!


But you need to start putting your ideas into execution, and you need to start strategizing about how to build new habits that will empower you through the trials of this year, and all the years to come?

If you leave your future and development to chance, then the results will be random

  • If you think you can find all the solutions FREE on the internet – Good luck

  • If you could have done it alone, you would be in a different place today


I know that sometimes you want to give, grow and be better- but you feel stuck by doubts, fears, stress, and indecision not even knowing where they are coming from.

 Sometimes you get distracted, or succumb under obligations where you feel you cannot say “NO”- all that will leave feeling stagnating and will slow you down.





I know exactly how you feel, I have been there.


I found myself stuck for years, in a job that I hated, making less money than I should earn, dating the wrong people that brought me more misery, nursing toxic friendships - because I thought this is what I deserved; because I thought I was not worth it!

Once I realized that, I started looking for mentors, pulling back from my Psychiatry education and NLP practices, and hired life coaches.

The result is that I have built 2 successful business, was named one of the 20 most successful businesswomen in 2020, married for 20 years to the love of my life, have great friendships where we all support each other.

That is why I know that what you need NOW, is commitment that you will do whatever it takes to get to your next level or better version of yourself of self-mastery to learn to handle chaos and uncertainty BETTER.

So, if you want more from life and from yourself, you will need to LEVEL-UP.

 Most probably the question in your mind now is: But where do I start?

There is no shame in asking for help.



This is what I am offering you.

Working with me, I will help you stepping into your own genius, discovering your Genius zone in whatever you do:

  • You will learn to master your emotions, let go of the past, and set up the habits and routines to make you feel alive again

  • You will get in touch with your true potential

  • You will awaken your hidden talents and skills that you can use to change your life and the lives of others

  • You will get to turn Fear to a Friend and a window to the future

  • You will step in your better version of yourself either making the money you dreamed of, getting into that relationship you hoped for, start that business you always wished for or get that job that you thought you can never have

  • You will define your own meaning of success and happiness.

  • You will let go of the doubts and worries that you are not good enough or that you will never achieve perfection

  • You deeply believe that no matter what happens you can handle it, you are stringer than what you think, you will always figure out a way because you know your “WHY”.

  • You will practice “Being present” in the moment to enrich your life and build stronger relationships

  • Gratitude for the good, bad, and ugly will become part of your life

  • You will accept and love all your perfect imperfections

  • You will cultivate a positive way of thinking, not ignoring the negatives, but learning to reframe our mindset and response.


So, if the thought of another quarter or year full of doubt, and the pain of worrying about money sounds a lot worse than facing your obstacles then you need to take action now

It is Time to give yourself permission to ASK for more, to BE more, to DO more, to GIVE more, to SERVE more, to EXPECT more because you DESERVE more. 

Your life is in your own hands and control, start living it- Gain control of your life and Reinvent yourself to greatness


Next Step:

Contact me for your complimentary self-discovery session to decide if we are a fit.





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Personal success transformation- Personal development
Personal success transformation- Personal development
Personal success transformation- Personal development
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Reinvent yourself with Sahar
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