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Does any of these statements describe where you are right now, or sounds familiar:


  • You spent most of your life taking care of others, just to find yourself feeling a VOID right now, you have ideas at the same time you feel your life is slipping away and you need to find your voice.

  • You know you have potential and a dream and feel deep inside it can help others, but do not know to make it happen.

  • You know you need to do something different because where you are NOW is not working for you anymore, though you can't envision what you want to do or even put it in words.

  • People around you have been diminishing your aspirations and want to keep you in "Status Quo" - after all misery loves company, but you still want to explore who you are knowing that you might not have enough support

  • You feel stuck no matter what the reason is (Fear of leaving a bad job, bad relationship, being laid off, your children left for college, freshly divorced, back from the military...) want to unstuck yourself not sure what is the next step?

  • You can see where you want to go but have no clue how to get there, you need roadmaps and blueprints

  • You know that you need someone to keep accountable for your own progress



You have these little voices in your head telling you:

  1. "Who do you think you are?" or

  2. "You remember the last time you tried to do something" or

  3. "You do not have enough..." or

  4. "You will embarrass yourself" or

  5. "You will fail" or

  6. "People will laugh at you"


If any of the above points matches where you are now, worry no more.  I know exactly how you feel as I went through many of the same points myself building my business from scratch, proud to say I have two (2) successful businesses right now


This is where COACHING is the answer helping you to face your challenges, deal with your rustrations and propel you forward to the next level to reach the potential you always knew you have and destgined to live it. 

Coaching provides

  • Clear and focused vision.

  • Awareness of not only who you are but also of your super powers

  • Help you to envision your future, set your goal and achieve them.

  • Help you to know your "WHY" and purpose.

  • Deal with the slef limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and fears

  • Help you to maximize your personal productivity and manage your times

  • Mastermind with a tribe of "Fiercewomanpreneurista

  • Personalized Individual development plans and self-assessments

  • Accountability and all the support that you need


We provide both Group and Individual Coaching, as well as Mastermind groups





Female small business owners - womanpreneur program
Female entrepreneur - womanpreneur program
Female business owners  - womanpreneur program
Female startups - womanpreneur program

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