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So You think you can Entrepreneur
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It is thought that "entrepreneurs" are only those who start new businesses. But “entrepreneurs” apply as well to someone within an organization innovating, driving new value that help their organization thrive – they are "internal entrepreneur".


In summary, it is about having "entrepreneurial mindset or spirit." No matter what you do





















The current state of entrepreneurship:

It is more important now than ever because of the uncertainty we are all going through including the customers, things are changing very fast, we are all out of our comfort zone, and everyone is realizing that the way we "always done things," will not work, and we do not need only to survive but thrive and build a better future.

We need to build on our strength and add new empowering habits as appreciation and gratitude for the adversity we are going through.

So many people have been laid off they want to start a new business right now, ANY business. Starting a business is not for the faint heart.



The biggest crusher of entrepreneurial dreams is not the lack of financing, or lack of ideas, or the economy or eve a bad business – Can you guess?


The reason lies in “YOU” the business owner. “You” means mainly your mindset, your psychology, your commitment, your perseverance, and the way you understand the psychology of your customers and what they want and need.

The truth is 80% of your success depends on the entrepreneur or business owner.

The main reason of failure is “Self-Doubt”


Success or failure travels from the inside out; fear and self-doubt will keep many entrepreneurs stuck instead of going after their dreams.


That is why, if you want success, where you need to start is not really your business plan, or marketing plan, or even strategy.

















It starts by knowing:

  • Who you are?

  • What is your “WHY”

  • What is your uniqueness?

  • What is your passion?

  • What is your competitive edge?

  • Who you want to serve?


If you get the right mindset, either learn from others, ask for help, or hire a coach, then you can start your journey to success, making money, offer a better life for you and your family.

To become an entrepreneur, you need to start by trusting yourself and your journey.

Self-doubt will fill your mind with negative ideas, like asking yourself:

  • Who will need my experience?

  • Why will people trust me or I

  •  do not have knowledge

I am here to tell you that what you bring to the world someone else needs it, whatever you know is more than someone else, your experience is unique, you story and how you present it is unique. What you bring to others and to the world will be unique as well.

What makes you different is what makes you valuable

First of all, let us look at some myths about entrepreneurship:

  • My market is saturated

  • I need to have a unique idea that no one has ever done before

  • I need to have everything “perfect” before I launch

  • Entrepreneurship is a skill you are either born with or not


Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearts, and not for those that ONLY dream, but you need to execute your ideas and dreams to make them happen

My question for you is:

  • Do you know what success means to you?

  • Do you know what is one thing that is holding you back?

  • Do you know where you want your business to be in 12 or 24 months?


It is your time to start making the money you want, to start or expand your business.

You are here because you ARE ready NOW.

Start NOW! You do not have to do it alone.



Even the best athletes, have coaches to help them thrive, help them see their future, help them expand themselves and hold them accountable.

Coaching is not an expenditure, it is actually the best ROI (Return On your Investment), it will shorten the distance between where you are and where you want to go.


I am inviting you to work with me One-on-One or in group business coaching, so I can help you uncover your zone of genius, your uniqueness, your story and voice, and help you make the revenues that you want.

I have been a business advisor for SBDC a subsidiary of SBA for the last nine years, I helped more than 2200 entrepreneurs and business owners thrive.

My Coaching programs for entrepreneurs received “Congressional Recognition” in 2018 and I was voted one of the “20 most successful businesswomen to watch for in 2020”


I want you to look at this decision that you will say in the future that you decided that you are worth it that it changed your life from dreaming to doing

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Entreprneurship mindset- entrepreneur coaching- business advisor
Entreprneurship mindset- entrepreneur coaching- business advisor
Entreprneurship mindset- entrepreneur coaching- business advisor
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