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​“So You Think You Can Entrepreneur” coaching programs are online coaching program either One-on-One or in groups, offering a safe environment for you if you chose to be to be part of a great community of womanpreneurs, entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners. 


Who is it for?

  1. You are an Entrepreneur that haven't started their business yet

  2. You are an Entrepreneur that started their business but do not have consistent sales, clients or revenues

  3. You are an Entrepreneur with consistent sales, depending solely on yourself and hit a plateau

  4. You are an Entrepreneur with great revenues and want to take your business to the next level


Together we will move forward to success, you will decrease the chances to be part of the statistics of 80% small business failure rate


I decided to start this online coaching program because I noticed that most experts and gurus, sell the dream, the success, or the destination without taking you step by step through the journey.  The steps of the journey is what gets in the way, it is easy to dream but executing that dream is a nightmare most of the time till you get to live the dream. The experts just describe the end result with all the glory, so hopefuls start these programs all hyped up just to fall flat as they were not warned or prepared of the challenges, obstacles and difficulties they would meet.

The difference in this program is that I will take you through the nightmare, step by step to bring you safe to the other side so you can actually live your dream and achieve success reaching your higher self and the potential we both know you have



So you think you are ready for the DANCE of Entrepreneurship?


​​Entrepreneurship is a DANCE, it is an Argentinian Tango, a Rumba, a Salsa, Jive or even a quick step- The moves change on a dime as per the rhythm.

It looks so easy, and beautiful on the outside - while it actually takes long hours of practice, efforts, and sometimes few bruises.

Most experts (if not all) sell the hopeful entrepreneurs to be the DREAM. The dream of

  • Being free

  • Working your own schedule

  • Be your own boss

  • Making all the money you need

The dream is doable, and it comes to reality but not from the get go, like the dance it takes a lot of work and to win the trophy, you have to travel into a long windy road. The trophy is all worth it.

The experts do not talk about how you learn the steps, or how you gain perseverance, focus and tenacity to get the trophy


This is what I do, before getting you to the dream, I take you through the nightmare, being there by your side step by step

How does the Coaching program work?


We will be releasing weekly sessions of training videos, or group coaching calls within our members’-ONLY site in a totally private mode

You can study the sessions at your own convenience, whenever you can, you can also repeat the modules till you are sure you are ready to move to the next one

Each session contains:

  • 45 to 60 minutes session as a training video with clear how to- step by step instructions or a group caching call

  • Downloadable Templates – or -

  • Downloadable Plans of actions – or -

  • Downloadable Resource lists – or -

  • Blue prints


We made sure that our training videos sessions are bite-size not too long and not too short so we can engage you in the learning process without boring or tiring you



Our mission is to help you realize your full potential and make the impact in the world you were destined to make.

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