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Our award winning Entrepreneurship Training Program received Congressional Recognition from Congresswoman "Judy Chiu"







"Coach Sahar" has been nominated to the 2018 Women Awards & Council for the "LA Business Journal"; as well as being nominated a "Woman Advocate of the year 2017" and recognized by the "State Senate, State Assembly and the Board of Equalization for her work and efforts empowering women.


Hi I am Sahar Andrade – an award-winning entrepreneur; and my entrepreneurship training programs received “Congressional Recognition”.

I help motivated entrepreneurs, that believe in their dreams, either start or expand their business using psychology, business theories, self-branding principles, and marketing concepts.

My online “So you think you can entrepreneur” coaching program guides you through how to become a successful entrepreneur from the inside out.

I believe that entrepreneurship starts from within through your mind, body, and soul. Success depends on you and your definition of success, it all starts and ends with you


Entrepreneurship is a learned skill and ability, it is a mind shift, until you realize that you possess the lock and the key to open it, you will not achieve your goals or at least at the level of your potential.

I will offer you the tools, blueprints and starter guides to help:

  • Clear the confusion

  • Build your self-confidence

  • Define your "WHY", your purpose, passion and mission

  • Shift negative thinking to positive thinking to see the possibilities

  • Overcome your self-limiting beliefs and scarcity thoughts

  • Making fear your friend

  • Replacing your bad habits with new good habits

  • Increase personal productivity

I am different from the other gurus and experts that try to sell you a magic pill or a program of few weeks to achieve six figures, they sell you the dream without the reality so it always stays a dream; while I walk through the nightmare that precedes the dream so it can become a reality

  • Have you ever thought about starting a business, or just want to dip your toe in entrepreneurship? while keeping your job or doing it part time?

  • Did you start a business and want to expand it but have no clue where to start or what to do different?

  • Are you feeling in limbo between which step to take first?

  • Are you anxious not knowing what to do?

  • Are you overwhelmed with all the pros and cons of starting a business?

  • Are you scared to start your journey in entrepreneurship?

  • Are you afraid to start because you are afraid to fail?

  • You are too impatient to start and want to know the right steps to follow so you will not waste time, effort or money?

  • Do you need support and coaching to hold you accountable for your own success?

  • You are not sure what qualities or personality traits you need to become a successful entrepreneur

Every successful business is built on a strong foundation. Unlike many other programs offered that look at the foundation as being ONLY Business plan, or Business concept etc. we believe that Entrepreneurship is a holistic approach to mind shift that starts by defining who you are, your strength, your weaknesses, your values, your expertise, your unique message, your character and traits, and mainly how you can use your story to create an emotional connection with your audience

We share with you "First-hand" experience building a six (6) business figure from scratch, not the abstract theories of building a business but actual personal experiences, heartaches, and triumphs.

We will share the nitty gritty details that make or break a business that no one talks about, that we know through helping thousands of Entrepreneurs, womenpreneurs, small business owners and start-ups throughout the years.

The difference in our programs is that we look at "YOU" the entrepreneur being the foundation of your successful business, we work with you through our course, modules, blueprints, roadmaps, assessments and coaching either in groups or individual.

After going through the program, you will learn:

  • How to take the right decisions based on the proper business concepts

  • To calculate risks as “entrepreneurs”

  • Define your niche, and your ideal customer

  • How to overcome your doubts and fears on a daily basis to reach the highest success on all levels

  • Expose the biggest myths and beliefs that most entrepreneurs believe that lead to most of the failure

  • Discover your inner genius, skills, and hidden talents and use them to your advantage

  • Define your "WHY", your passion and purpose

  • Choose the proper business structure

  • Define your brand and uniqueness

  • Name your business the correct way

  • Avoid the pitfalls and the common mistakes most entrepreneurs make that result in more than 80% small business failure

  • Practice good habits that lead to the highest productivity

  • Build the right "Mindset" that an entrepreneur needs for success

  • Identify the traits, qualities, and characters you need to be a successful entrepreneur

  • Reinvent your entrepreneurship state of mind

Starting a business can be the easiest process in the world or the most difficult one.  The difference between success and failure is not having ideas, but executing them not only that but how to make them happen is the crucial part of entrepreneurial success

The execution needs a clear vision, knowing your “WHY”, and using the right strategy.  Having a blueprint or a roadmap by someone that has been there every step of the way, being by your side, holding your hand throughout the process, is what we are offering you.

Our mission is to save you from going through the errors and trials that cost not only time but money, and sometimes your dreams. 


We have helped hundreds if not thousands of entrepreneur in different industries find their way, know why they are in business, learn their uniqueness and fulfill their goals to live a happy life.  Some achieved great success, have been on TV, developed their own programs, podcasts, and won many awards.

Important to note that it is not a magic pill that we are offering, it is not an overnight guaranteed success and it is not without efforts and some pain but suffering and giving up is optional

Entrepreneur training Program of JAN 2017
Entrepreneur training Program of SEP 2017
Entrepreneur training Program of JAN 2018
Entrepreneurs Training program recognition by congress
Entrepreneur training Program of JUN 2018
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