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Reinvent Yourself- Stop Limiting beliefs- stop making excuses- Take control of your life
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ReInvent Yourself, Take Control, No Excuses, stop limiting beliefs



"Reinventing Yourself" is about your personal transformation in finding your TRUE North or in simple terms finding your true authentic self to live the fulfilled happy life you deserve.  It is about Reverse engineering your fears and challenges. 


Together we get to the core of who you are, and align your core with your outside so you can start attracting the life you always wanted no matter what it is.  We all have our own quest for happiness and fulfillment


My easy simple methodology is based on scientific research, personal experience, and many case studies.

Reinventing Yourself Journey

Entrepreneurship Coaching

Reinventing Entrepreneurship


Our Entrepreneurial training programs received Congressional recognition.

There is a reason (There are reasons) why more than 80% of Small Businesses FAIL.

Entrepreneurs get into their own heads and start planning their business based on who they are, what they like, what they think is important.

The reality is:

  • It is not about YOU

  • It is not about your products or services

  • It is not about what you know, it is about how your clients think, feel, want, and need most importantly what they will pay for


The main question for "Entrepreneurs" is:

  • Do you know who your client is? Do you know their psycho-demographics, do you know where to find them, do you know how to talk to them?

Entrepreneurs' Program



No matter where you're stuck in life, I'll help "unstuck" you and guide you to reinvent yourself to greatness. I walk the walk...


I have been stuck and went through every step I describe one by one to achieve my own greatness. Let's discover together what success looks like for you!



Reinvent Yourself to Greatness With Sahar Podcast


 I help women stuck in their lives, unemployed, or in a job they hate, or in transition, struggling with figuring out what to do next, spinning their wheels in the same place; to show them how to gain control of their lives, conquer their fears by moving out of their comfort zones that results in a journey of discovery to define their purpose & passion and become the person that achieves both happiness and success in their lives.


Proud to be a "TED TALK" and a "SUE Talk" speaker. I've spent years inspiring people to get out of their comfort zones and reinvent their lives! After a successful career in corporate America, I have since become the go-to speaker on personal change for corporations and associations that want their clients and employees to expand their confidence, improve their collaboration, and achieve more results by reinventing what the future can look like for them.

Sahar Andrade- Reinvent Yourself With Sahar



I offer a variety of programs so you can choose the best option to reinvent yourself:


  • Online Modules...go at your own pace!

  • Group Coaching

  • One-on-One Coaching

  • PLUS join my exclusive, private Facebook and LinkedIn groups when you work with me! 


Because I offer my programs by invitation only, groups have limited space. Please email me at:  or call (818) 861-9434 to inquire. 


Sign up NOW to secure your place and to get the dates and schedule for the Fall.or the

Reinvent Yourself- Stop Limiting beliefs- stop making excuses- Take control of your life
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