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Using the Power of "I AM"- Part Two

Using the Power of I AM

In the first part of this post "Using the Power of "I AM" - Part One" I challenged you to try it for one single day and prove me wrong (I know you will love it)

As I shared in Part One- We become what we attach to "I AM"

What follows the words “I AM” serve as the Thermostat of our lives in regards to what we are thinking and believing deep inside that manifest itself in our experiences in the external world i.e. OUR life.

I can already hear some of you saying Nah- if it was that easy everyone would have done it, do you want us to believe that hocus pocus stuff?

To those I say what are you scared of? Prove me wrong try it BUT try it the right way what have you got to lose but everything to gain? Instead of being harsh and down on ourselves and doubting who we are by focusing only on our imperfections I dare you to try to see what will happen if during a whole day you embrace yourself and you love your perfect imperfections, how would that feel? I know how it feels and it is amazing that is why I am dying for you to try it. Your first instinct will be to ridicule it, just trust me on this one – just do it for one single day – one day

The “I AM” tool is actually very simple, not instantaneous, but simple, whatever makes some skeptical is that they have allowed themselves for most of their lives to surrender and just believe deep inside and accept as a matter of fact what they were taught (sometimes in the womb) to believe and practice consciously and subconsciously who they perceive they are and how and why their life is that way and just accepted it as a truth and as a matter of fact being incapable to do anything about it.

As I said it is a PERSONAL CHOICE and if you are reading this or listening to the podcast that means that you have no excuses to say “I didn’t know that” let us make it real. We all have the free will to choose positive energy to surround us, we have control over that, and we have control over our mind if we want to the emphasis here is on IF WE WANT TO.

We go to the Gym to work out, to look better, to be healthier and we exercise and practice repetitions to get results, if we want to grow our Biceps we do repetitions of curls. Our mind and brain are the same thing, we need practice and repetition to condition them to be in the best shape and form, to get results, to be healthy mentally that reflects physically- we want to look good on the outside and we do not take care of our inside – it is like having a beautiful house on the outside that is plagued badly by termites sooner or later it is destined to crumble.

Let go the low self-esteem and sense of inferiority bit by bit one step at a time, start introducing self-confidence and be content with "who you are".

It's ALL about choice. It's ALL about free will. It's ALL about energy. The energy that we choose to project is within our control. With this being "true", what we experience in EVERY aspect of our life is also within our control.

The Power Of “I AM” will totally make sense to you the minute you choose to become aware of your conscious and subconscious and you start aligning them; without the alignment nothing will work as you project on the outside who you are and how you feel on the inside. This is a life long journey day in and day out not an exercise for one day and expecting it to last a life long course

Start thinking WHO you want to become and most importantly WHY you want to become that – whatever you think about add it at the end of “ I AM” and start making a conscientious effort to repeat these I AM everyday as many times as you can:

  1. Write what you want, after "I AM" or what you want to become,down

  2. Have them as a screen saver

  3. Print them up and hang them in your office

  4. Put them on a note on your phone

  5. Set alarms on your smart phone using the “I AM” statements

Till it becomes an automatic habit, that you recite wherever you are. Establish triggers to remind you to recite them, like when you get out of the house, when you get in the car, when you sit in front of your desk, when you stand in line for your latte, the minute you wake up, before you close your eyes and go to sleep- you get the picture

In 30 to 45 days they will become an automatic habit, and your old hazy doubting self will become a distant memory day after day

You need to have an unwavering commitment to change, it is not for wishy washy people and it is not for the weak hearts, I can’t imagine what can be more important than taking care of yourself? Or investing in yourself? Only when you do that you can help others and you can be of service to others

The minute you start shaking off the limiting beliefs bit by bit and replace them with positive “I AM” statements you will see how it will reflect on you, your whole demeanor will change, someone in my class last week; told me that people are asking her what was different about her? She started noticing that people were “flocking to her” - this is her expression - which she felt as she was exuding self-confidence after years trying to hide, she actually goes to the gym every day and lost 20 pounds the last 2 months and she started motivating the people around her

What WE believe we are is what we become, our self-image begins to improve, and we start carrying our self as someone special.

We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are.

Let us face it whatever you have been doing so far is not working; or how is it working for you, the definition of insanity is doing the same exact things expecting a different result - I know you are not insane

Doing so is a choice, you have to choose to want to change your whole life in every aspect emotionally, logically, mentally, psychologically, socially, physically, financially and spiritually.

So I want you to write down right now 5 “I AM” that you want and believe and can commit to becoming right now- right now will give you few minutes

I remember clearly the 1st time I did this, the minute I pronounced my first “I AM” my whole body shivered, I felt disoriented for a second and I could already feel a little voice telling me “Who are you kidding, you are incapable of…” and I loudly said stop, I put pressure on my nose bridge to reset my brain and took 6 deep breath and tried it again, this time I had a difficulty concentrating on what I wanted, and like my brain was trying to dance all over the place but not where I wanted it to be, I redid the reset this time I got a couple, I was kind to myself and didn’t beat myself up because I couldn’t come up with the five (5) at the same time, the next day I repeated it, then next day and next day till I got my five (5) “I AM” I actually have more than 5 and interchange them

I totally believe that we have to change on the inside before we can see change on the outside- it is from the inside out. We have so many things in life against us we can’t be against ourselves too. I also believe that I do not need other people approval- I AM equipped, I AM enough, I AM WORTHY, I AM smart, I AM kind, and most importantly I AM grateful.

You are too precious to waste your life, you still have so much in you that can be shared with the world, there are people that need what you have and who you “I AM” says. If we do not love ourselves we will not be able to teach others how we want to be loved, if we do not take care of us we can’t take of anyone else

Your “I AM” s define the very qualities, or the desires you want to be. The more you will become them, the more they become you, it is a reciprocal process

The Dalai Lama said: “When you are discontent, for example, you always want more, more, more. Your desire can never be satisfied. But when you practice contentment, you say to yourself, ‘Oh yes — I already have everything that I really need.’ “

Our internal self or world is limitless, the only limits we have are the ones we personally put around ourselves in our external world so we get disconnection between our external and internal world – we all have limitless powers within us, we all have geniuses within, it is a pity and really sad not to utilize what gifts we have been given.

In real life, do you return or do not accept gifts that are given to you? So why do it to yourself? If you were your friend or sibling or your child what would tell them to do? I am sure you will be kinder to them than you are to yourself

So Be the LOVE, be the KINDNESS, be the GRATITUDE, be the SUCCESS, be the BEAUTY, be the ABUNDANCE, be the LIGHT in this world

Have you experienced The Power of " I AM " in your life, please share your experience in the comments


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