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15 Toxic People Traits

No matter how much time you spend to get to know the people around you, declaring them friends, no matter how much care you put into building that relationship and nurturing; every once and a while you will slip through a toxic person in your life. Toxic people do not wear a scarlet letter and do not come with a big announcement “Hey watch out I am toxic” actually they can be very charming. One thing certain is that sooner or later you will figure it out yourself, hopefully you will be able to do that before it gets to hurt you or hurt someone or something that you love and cherish Though it is not an absolute science there are always signs, signs are always there; either we chose to see the

How to take Control of Your life? Re-Invent Yourself

Have you ever find yourself asking if there are other ways that you can succeed and take complete control of your life? Maybe, you find it hard succeeding in many things that you tried to achieve? If you are at this point in your life, there is ONE thing you need to remind yourself of: that taking control of your life is POSSIBLE. The secret is in “Reinventing Yourself”, the path to self-growth, self-confidence, personal leadership and finding your purpose. Regain Control of Your life - Get Unstuck To regain control of your life, you must understand that you need to get unstuck first. Being able to control your life is a critical aspect for you to achieve success and personal satisfaction. I

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