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5 Pitfalls Entrepreneurs to get rid of for good!

Are you stuck in a job that you do not really like? Are you living day after day dragging your feet? Are you afraid to ask for that promotion or raise? Are you Entrepreneurship Personal Leadership- Reinvent Yourselfstuck in a toxic relationship? Do you feel you are caught in a Catch 22? Do you feel as the days go by really fast with no results to show for them? Are your tasks taking way too long?

If your answer is “YES” to any of these questions, then you need to reinvent your “Entrepreneurship Personal Leadership™” by getting unstuck and gaining control of your life so you can soar as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs: It is time to stop making excuses and take reign of your business and life. Look at the roots of why you are trapped in the same place.

I totally get it, I have been there, and when I started my first business the first nine months I kept telling everyone that “I am starting my business” as I wanted to make sure that everything was PERFECT. So I wanted to make sure that I had the perfect vision statement, the perfect mission statement, the perfect Value proposition, and a perfect motivating slogan, you get the picture.

Till one day my husband told me “you are not starting a business, you have a business act like it”, it was the best thing he ever said to me though it was hard to swallow, it was a great wakeup call

I realized that the real reason or root why I wasn’t moving forward what I called “wanting perfection” was procrastination that is actually rooted in fear.

These are the 5 pitfalls as an entrepreneur you need to get rid of:

  1. Perfection: Entrepreneurs you need to realize that fear is the best chameleon, it masquerades in so many forms and shapes and calls itself so many names. So you can find yourself justifying why you are not releasing a new product or service, or start your business, or write that book you always wanted to write because it is something new and you need to make sure that you are covering all corners, or that you need to do a thorough research either hitting the books or online. Of course doing your research is imperative and being careful is important but when you get to point where you do not stop researching, fear starts playing in your head, comparing you to all the others that you are researching, starting your doubts if you are good enough or even If you know what you are doing.

  2. Fear can also disguises itself as you needing more brainstorming, or more time, or more resources.

  3. Fear can prevent you from taking even the smallest risks, can paralyze you and keep you complacent

  4. The more you dig, the more you doubt yourself, the more you try to get proof or statistics from different credible resources and it becomes a vicious circle.

  5. Or fear can come in the form of distractions subconsciously your brain to protect you and keep you safe, will try to keep you in your comfort zone Easy to get distracted by legitimate distractions but keeping you from doing what you need to do to advance

These pitfalls are risky because they will chip at your self-confidence, your self-worth and esteem, they will keep you in your comfort zone at any price and whatever you want to do either start a business, release a product or a service will be significantly delayed or will never happen

Here are the solutions on how to get rid of these pitfalls and let them go forever

  1. Understand that there is nothing called perfection – you can thrive to excellence, but perfection even by definition means releasing something then perfecting it

  2. You are spinning your wheels trying to prove that your ideas/ product or service are worthy – you do not need to do that, you have unique talents that are unique to you, so whatever you produce will be unique and that is its beauty

  3. I usually do a thorough research for anything I release, but I give myself a framework of time, when I start feeling that the information I am getting are being repetitive this is when I stop

  4. Just know that there is a thing called “Paralysis by Analysis”

  5. Fear will never go away use it to your own benefit, transform it to fuel to push you forward, make fear your friend

  6. Identify your regular and not so regular distractions, and write them down – this is the best way to prepare for their next attack

  7. Make a commitment to yourself that you will keep the course no matter what you will start r release is just the beginning you always have the power and control to edit or change in the future but you will never know if it works or not if you do no start

  8. Whatever is not on your calendar will not be executed

  9. Divide the big projects to smaller ones so you won’t feel threatened or intimidated to go ahead and Reward yourself for small victories

  10. Plan your week in advance either at the end or the beginning of the week, have a list of 2 to 3 projects you want to start or finish during that week

  11. Whatever you can accomplish through a phone call or a video conference instead of meeting in person – do it. If you have to meeting person try to group meetings together in one or two days week

Entrepreneurship is not a job, is not a hobby, is not a goal setting, is not project management, it is actually based on a whole shift of MINDSET, with a whole set of new habits, traits and characters.

We will discuss more in the next posts in the “Entrepreneurship Personal Leadership™” series

Connect with me on:

Sahar Andrade, MB.BCh

Diversity, Inclusion, and Leadership Consultant- Certified Social Media Strategist

Reinvent Yourself To Greatness (Product of Sahar Consulting, LLC)


I help women& men stuck in their lives, unemployed individuals, individuals in a job they hate, or in transition, struggling with figuring out what to do next, spinning their wheels in the same place; to show them how regain control of their lives, conquer their fears by moving out of their comfort zones that results in a journey of discovery to define their purpose & passion and become the person that achieves both happiness and success in their lives.


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